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How it Works

Gini is like a GENIE

Describe a problem, goal, or desire.

Like a genie, our AI understands your request and locates resources.

Get Accurately Matched

Gini AI identifies matching professionals and services

Gini AI finds ideal services and certified professionals best suited to fulfill the request

Learn About Your Match

View details about your match and their service

Matches are made based on each provider’s professional experience, certifications, and supporting credentials.

Schedule & Meet

Easily schedule a day and time to meet virtually or locally with your matched professional

Easily book meetings directly with professionals on Gini. All meetings will show up directly on your connected calendar such as Google Calendar.

Use Cases

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We are a growing tech startup, and our network infrastructure needs to be scalable and secure. I need a specialist who can design and implement a secure network that can handle our future growth.

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use case

Derek S.

Network Security Architect

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Secure Network Design


$5000 /for a complete network design
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Our company recently suffered a cyber attack, and we need immediate assistance to respond to the incident and mitigate any further damage. Looking for an expert who can guide us through the process and help prevent future attacks.

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use case

Mona Y.

Incident Response Specialist

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Emergency Incident Response


$2000 /month
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We need to ensure that our business complies with industry standards and regulations, such as GDPR and HIPAA. I need a consultant who can conduct a compliance audit and provide recommendations to meet all necessary requirements.

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use case

Jeremy W.

Compliance and Regulatory Specialist

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Compliance Audit and Advisory

One-time consultation

$1000 /session
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To ensure our systems are secure, we need a penetration tester to identify vulnerabilities and provide actionable insights on how to fix them. Looking for an expert who can conduct thorough testing and reporting.

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use case

Angela L.

Certified Ethical Hacker

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Penetration Testing Services


$3000 /for a full penetration test
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Unleash Your Potential Today

Secure your digital future with Gini. Our mission is to connect you with skilled cybersecurity experts dedicated to protecting your assets. We match you with professionals tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your digital security is in capable hands. Experience the ease and confidence of trusted, advanced solutions. Join Gini today.


GINI AI Search

No more searching endless pages looking for qualified professionals to meet your needs. Gini AI takes advantage of advancements in AI to make better, precise predictions on what resources are most likely to accurately meet the needs of Gini users.

Video Calling & Instant Chat

Connect with virtual service providers directly through Gini with our integrated video calling and instant chat feature. From consulting calls to one-on-one tutoring sessions, Gini supports remote service conduction.

One-Time, Recurring, and Course Service Options

Our Gini Pros offer flexible service types that build trust,

Easily Book with providers - Google Calendar & iCal,Outlook Calendar(Coming Soon)

Scheduling services on Gini should fit right into your existing schedule. That’s why we’re building integrations to connect with your existing calendar providers. We’re happy to answer further questions about your scheduling needs at [email protected].

Looking for high-level candidates? Use Gini Executive Search

Gini has a growing network of professionals, but sometimes, a resource just isn’t a good match for your needs. In this case, all you need to do is provide more details about your request and we will reach out to you with a custom match suggestion.

Securely pay for services your way

Gini offers numerous options to pay professionals using Stripe. Payments are not released to service providers until the service has been marked as complete by the you, the client, or automatically 3 days after the service date has passed.

Virtual & In-Person Pro Options

Imagine a platform that seamlessly connects you to resources online and locally. Finding the right person for the job is critically important. Some services are great locally while other can be done remotely. Gini is here to help.

Get 10% off on your first purchase on Gini

The gift that keeps on giving! Take advantage of our limited time 10% off promotion when you book any professional on our platform for a in-person or virtual service.

Why Choose Gini?

At Gini, we're pioneering the future of how individuals grow professionally and personally by making the most of cutting-edge AI technology. Our platform isn't just about making connections—it's about smart, intuitive interactions that adapt to user needs in real-time. By employing sophisticated Generative Pre-trained Transformers and vector search technologies, Gini engages with users through timely and relevant follow-up questions at critical moments. Such a tailored approach not only fosters deeper connections but also drives higher customer satisfaction ratings, ensuring that each user's journey on our platform is impactful and meaningful.

Our commitment at Gini is to make access to wisdom and expertise universally accessible. We utilize the latest in search technologies and large language models to build a forward-looking bridge to tomorrow, where personalized advice, deep knowledge, and critical resources are readily available. Whether it’s enhancing personal well-being, advancing careers, or connecting with seasoned mentors, Gini serves as your portal to a world where collaboration flows effortlessly and innovation thrives. Embark on a journey with us to transform not just a platform, but to spearhead a global movement that empowers every individual to unlock their full potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed answers to the most common questions

Gini is a platform specialized in connecting individuals and organizations with top-tier cybersecurity consultants, advisors, and experts. Our mission is to make expert cybersecurity knowledge and guidance accessible to all, ensuring that everyone can protect their digital assets and maintain robust security practices.

Gini leverages advanced AI and matching technology to pair you with the most suitable cybersecurity professional based on your specific needs. Whether you require a comprehensive security audit, ongoing advisory services, or specific incident response expertise, Gini ensures you find the right expert quickly and effectively.

Our platform hosts a network of highly experienced cybersecurity professionals, including certified consultants, advisors, and incident response experts. Each expert undergoes a rigorous vetting process to ensure they possess the necessary qualifications and experience to provide top-notch cybersecurity services.

Yes, if you have expertise in cybersecurity and a passion for helping others secure their digital environments, Gini is the perfect platform for you. We welcome applications from professionals who can provide consulting, advisory, or incident response services. Visit our website to learn more about the application process.

Gini stands out by offering a specialized focus on cybersecurity, ensuring that our users get access to the most relevant and effective guidance. Our platform not only connects you with experts but also fosters meaningful engagements that lead to long-term cybersecurity improvements and resilience.

Our experts offer various engagement models, including one-time consultations, ongoing advisory services, and incident response packages. This flexible approach allows you to select the option that best fits your security needs and budget, ensuring you can access the right expertise when you need it.

All Gini experts undergo a thorough vetting process, including verification of their credentials and review of their professional histories. Continuous user feedback and ratings help maintain a trustworthy and high-quality community of cybersecurity professionals.

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